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What we Do

We offer professional support tailored to individuals of all ages who struggle with speech and language difficulties


Get expert therapy to unlock your full potential

We are a dedicated team of experienced speech and language therapists committed to helping individuals of all ages overcome communication challenges. Whether you are seeking therapy for a child with speech delays, recovering from a neurological condition, or looking to improve your communication skills, our personalized approach ensures tailored treatment plans to meet your specific needs. With state-of-art resources and a compassionate team, we create a supportive environment to help you unlock the power of effective communication. We are therapists who can speak Greek and Albanian fluently. We are equipped to provide therapy services in both languages.

I was struggling with my speech after a head injury, and I was really self-conscious about it. But after working with Roxy, I am now able to speak more clearly and confidently. I am so grateful for their help.

Danielle Dallimore


My daughter was diagnosed with autism, and we were so worried about her communication skills. But after working with Chrysa, she has made amazing progress. She is now able to communicate her needs clearly, and she is so much more confident. We are so grateful for the help of our therapist.

Baptiste Niviere

Web developer

I was so worried about my son’s speech delay, but Roxy was so patient and understanding. She helped him to identify his sounds and gave him some great exercises to help him improve his speech. I am so grateful for her help.

Fabjola Pantazou



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